Choosing Gates

The two questions to answer are “What kind of gate?” and “What size or sizes?”.

We can build you a hand made gate or source gates in wood or metal in a variety of styles. Your choice of style will be influenced by the impression you mean to give visitors if this is an entrance gate or the other uses you might be putting a gate too. It’s also good to consider how long you would like the gate to last, lighter wooden gates will need replacing more quickly than the heavier kinds and metal gates should outlast wood.

Size matters in this context. If you’re going for double gates consider whether you would like two matching gates of the same size or one vehicle gate and one passenger gate. If the two matching gates are each narrower than a vehicle you will have to open and close both every time and so will anyone delivering to your house, this may not be a practical idea. The gates must be wide enough to cope with all the vehicles that need access, it might be worth remembering the size of a fire engine and the swinging room it needs to turn off the road.

Consider whether the gates will usually be open or closed and how they will be secured in each position. Also consider the kind of post on which they will be hung and the ground over which they will swing, steep slopes are best avoided if possible. Posts should be as strong and well set as possible.

Latches can make all the difference, will all the users, including children and anyone in a wheelchair, be able to reach the latch and use it safely. In the case of children do you want them to be able to operate the gates.

Do you need to keep out rabbits or deer – rabbits will require a close mesh gate of some kind and deer will require a minimum height of five foot, six is more usual.

If a gate is not going to work for you would a cattlegrid be better, we can also install those. Cattlegrids come in two types, metal top sections sitting on underpinnings of blockwork, and large metal frames which simply drop directly into a hole in the ground. We’d be delighted to advise you.

Finally consider the setting for the gates – would some stone walling either side look truly perfect, or park railing, a traditional wooden railed fence or a higher privacy fence. All these things are possible, just get in touch.

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