Fences have a purpose and when choosing the fence the purpose is the important bit.

It’s very rare for anyone to be simply marking their boundary. Usually the fence is to keep people, pets, stock or wildlife in or out, sometimes it’s also to provide privacy, to create a particular impression or to complement a garden or landscape.

The height and style of your fence is a purely personal choice however it is important to remember that it must also serve it’s purpose. Check the maximum size of gap which will prevent animals getting through the fence with your contractor, and the height required. Some styles of fence are harder to climb than others. If you have young children it’s important that you don’t build what is effectively a climbing frame unintentionally.

Different materials and types of fences will last for different lengths of time. A limiting factor can be the type of ground, your contractor will be able to advise you if you have rock and suggest solutions. Bogs, rivers and fences which end in the sea all require special measures but none are insuperable problems.

It’s important to make sure that trees aren’t going to land on your lovely fence later so if this is a possibility then you will need some advice on whether to trim or remove your trees. Line clearance and landscaping and all the associated jobs are all tasks Argyll Fences and Gates can undertake.

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